Telemedicine advances in Chihuahua, Mexico

Chihuahua is one of Mexico states that has stood out for having implemented telemedicine systems for medical urgencies.

The Medical Emergency Regulatory Center in Chihuahua (CRUM), was implemented as part of the Medical Emergency System. This system immediately assist the out of hospital emergencies and the emergencies that people require, through a video call.

Thanks to the geolocation system, it’s easier for the emergency services to know and validate the exact place where the call was made.

In this way, specialists guide patients' pre-hospital care remotely during the time required by emergency departments to reach the requested location.

Dr. Othón Chávez Garduño, a member of CRUM, detailed that the user only needs a mobile phone with navigation data or connection to a WiFi network to make the video call and connect with health professionals.

The current team working in this initiative is made up of three nurses, two medical specialists who are available 24 hours a day, a social worker and a psychologist for crisis intervention for family members.

The CRUM carried out their first operation in September and as of December, 20 operations have been done, among which were different kind of cases, such as heart attacks, poisoning, women in childbirth and animal bites.  

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