The final of the contest “Challenges in Cancer: Digital Health, innovation and entrepreneurship” was held in Chile

Eight projects participated in the final, Pegasi was the winner, a Big Data project that complement patients’ medical records.

The contest was organized by National Cancer Forum Foundation and the Chilean Association of Cancer Patients (ACHAGO), in collaboration with Start Up-Chile and a pharmaceutic company.

The competition, as defined in its announcement, aims to find, design and implement innovative and/or digital solutions focused on solving cancer-related challenges in Chile. Taking advantage of advances in technology and Digital Health.

The prizes consisted in 5 million Chilean pesos of seed money, for the first place, 3 million for the second and 2 million for the third.

The first-place winner was the project called Pegasi, which consists of a database to digitally complement existing medical records. This can prevent errors in data compilation and patient medical history.

The second prize was given to the project Lahuén Health, Smart Digital Library, as they explain on their website, seeks to reduce medication errors in prescribing cancer protocols. In addition, this platform can operate in conjunction with the Electronic Health Record.

Finally, the third place was for the Teleker project, a digital monitoring platform for patients with chronic diseases.

This is how associations seek to enhance the development of health-focused technology.

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