List of Digital Health solutions for international coronavirus response

These solutions are classified into three categories; prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease.

WHO confirmed COVID-19 classification as a pandemic on 11 March. Since the outbreak began, more than 250,000 cases worldwide have been confirmed, of which more than 89,000 cases are recovered, yet more than 10,400 deaths have been recorded as of March 20, 2020

Following the global emergency, the Global Digital Health Network has suggested ten Digital Health solutions that are viable for application LMICs (Low-Middle Income Countries).

These are health technologies to understand diagnosis, prevent or contain coronavirus infections.

Digital Solutions for COVID-19 prevention:

Soluciones en Salud Digital para el diagnóstico de COVID-19:

  • ComCare is an open-source mobile case management platform used in more than 60 countries. Its usefulness is that you do not need to be a programmer to adapt a mobile application for collecting data about patients or contacts.
  • NoviGude is a decision support platform that transforms static guidelines into point-of-care decision trees. Health systems can rapidly deploy guidance, remove outdated content and monitor and update it. In this case of emergency due to Coronavirus, the platform is able to display propagation indicators when virus confirmation tests are limited or unavailable.
  • Consult Station is a fully internet-connected medical booth able to remotely examine a patient using telemedicine and tele-consult that allows the doctor to take vital signs, examine heart and p that give the doctor the means to take vital signs, examine heart or lungs, among other cares. This can prevent patient-to-doctor contagion.

Soluciones en Salud Digital para el tratamiento de COVID-19:

  • mHero is a two-way phone-based communication that uses SMS to connect ministries of health and their workers. It was applied by Liberia government during Ebola outbreak, no smartphone or tablet required.
  • Community Health Toolkit is a globally open-source technology for Community Health Workers and supervisors. It can be used to send warnings with useful information via SMS or USSD, about the treatment of coronavirus in quarantined patients, as well as information for the appropriate care for patients.
  • HealthBeats It is a Remote Vitals Monitoring platform remotely, ideal for people in quarantine as in addition to processing the patient's vital signs data, it measures in real time the patient's temperature, as well as oxygen levels in the blood and heart rate.

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