Universidad de Antioquía in Colombia will provide access to medical images through a digital platform

A software will allow downloading images related to studies and diagnoses in health centers in Colombia. This application comes from Spain and, depending on its efficiency, could be expanded to more parts of Latin America.

Colombia will have a digital platform that will be responsible for producing high-resolution virtual images with the aim of optimizing the processes and results of certain studies and activities within public health centers.

The IPS (Institution providing health services) of the University of Antioquia received, by Spain, software that allows web access to images and support of results in a simple way.

Among the services, to which this new digital system can be adapted, are the diagnosis, surgeries, emergency cases, transplants, among others.

Training was also received in the use of the application to maintain proper use of all the options offered and maximize functionality in terms of saving resources and time.

Alberio Herrera, IPS administrative manager, commented that "not only will it allow us to optimize some unnecessary costs from the CD burning process, but it will also give our patients greater satisfaction by ensuring better accessibility to medical imaging tests."

The integration of this method of visual analysis integrates the purposes of the Colombian health service, frames the total coverage and the elimination of the access gap to any device that increases the patient's quality of life.

In addition, the software can be synchronized to each person's Electronic Medical Record to update data and align any item without having to re-enter it into the system.

The images that are generated can be visualized in a way that can easily interact with the doctor and the patient in turn.

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