Digital Health is a must to transform health system in Mexico

The merge between new advances in science and health with new technology opens paths towards the strengthening of health systems.

During the Digital Health Forum, organized by the Mexican Health Foundation and the School of Medicine from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, several topics regarding Digital Health were discussed and visions exchanged of how some interventions for diseases such as diabetes or breast cancer should be taken into consideration in the schemes of this digital transformation.

In Mexico, Digital Health’s development has enriched numerous specialties in hospitals and health services. According to physician Roberto Tapia-Conyer, General Director of Carlos Slims Foundation “The evolution of science data and the ability to generate systems and digital platforms that process medical information has led to an increase of methodologies which provide personalized and remote care as long as there is a good connection to the internet network”.

With this purpose, governments will have to pay special attention to the task of creating public policies that will open way for an adequate infrastructure and that can also support the networks speed.

Speaking about diabetes, he explained that the systems operated with the big data, can analyze at great depth people genes to generate patterns and convey a special procedure to address each patient’s situation; because each body and each person is different and they present unique symptoms.

Digital tools meant to improve health services in Latin America are becoming a requirement to resolve medical issues, it is an agenda that the World Health Organization (WHO) has in the look to reduce the access gap with it advance to universal health coverage.

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