Digital Health offers alternatives to address the patient's mental health

More and more digital methods are expanding to meet and control the health of people in all areas. Not only in the biological, also the psychological.

Mental health is being considered to be intervened through technological systems framed within Digital Health and the advantages that it means.

The advances that this implies, point to a modification in the way of conducting consultations and therapies towards patients suffering from anxiety, insomnia or stress.

The softwares, called BetterHelp and TalkSpace, are designed for users to download the application to their mobile phones and can vent their online conflicts with specialists connected remotely.

Virtual appointments can be accessed through teleconsultations so that patients can see their therapist on a screen in turn and decide the time needed to meet their expectations.

There is also the option of chatbots so that the therapy is written down depending on the availability and loads of activity that everyone could have. This also helps to contribute to trust before engaging in a face-to-face interaction digitally.

What is sought with this strategy is to serve the largest possible population that does not have enough income to pay for a psychologist or a face-to-face psychiatrist and, through public policies, make this innovative form of analysis official.

The “PSY online” App can be found within the Android Play Store, which intends to build a network of patients who share their experiences, concerns, doubts and advice as community support among people who understand each other. yes; as well as a blog.

By fitting with the goals of Digital Health in terms of reducing the access gap to electronic platforms that provide them with the necessary attention to meet their needs, these new techniques emerge as an alternative tactic that offers other routes to solve problems.

MindShift, is another digital tool that helps young people to cope with anxiety, guiding users during complex situations so that they identify the symptoms and can put together a relaxation plan.

The Moodpathapplication is responsible for tracking signs of depression in people suffering from constant stress; The person can store all their doubts and enter an educational component that teaches about the psychology behind the mood, symptoms of depression and psychotherapy.

Another innovation in digital platforms is found in MY3, a mobile app that allows you to interact and connect with other people in times of crisis. The user chooses three trusted contacts to vent and simulate a group therapy.

Pacifica, provides mindfulness, guided self-help lessons, health follow-up, anxiety management techniques and a peer support community.

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