The International Journal for Quality in Health Care investigates methods that ensure better quality of care in low- and middle-income countries.

Recent studies by diverse health institutions in low- and middle-income countries have presented the objective of establishing methods to enable a new documentation system to assess certain elements for the institution's efficiency.

Poor population have a great need to be able to access better care and at a more accessible cost. That's why there is a goal of establishing replicable and comparable measurements to the quality of health care offered at each facility.

It is a fact that the results that are drawn from Digital Health systems are not always the same, due to the socioeconomic differences of each region. That is why, by measuring and qualifying the efficiency of methods, patients can be given greater safety over the treatments to which they are awarded with the objective of always aiming at a balance between diagnosis, process (or treatment) and final results.

It is Important to support the verification of health systems, that has its focal point in medical records that function as a data store and key information to guide doctors and patients on the path to follow to achieve the desired results. They become more effective with the combination of artificial intelligence and algorithms that are programmed to make the analysis and troubleshooting performed by digital machines and platforms more accurate.

This research paper consists of building data from quality indicators using electronic resources such as cellphones or tablets to look out different factors in different facilities and the kind of health service they provide to reduce biases of inefficiency in the quality of their services.

Data collected from approximately 12,000 medical records marginalized areas of countries such as Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica and some areas of Mexico show variations in the quality of care within its geography.


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