Uruguay advances in their National Digital Recipe

There will be a new medicines control mechanism inside the Electonic Medical History to improve the quality of treatments, in order to fight disease and benefit the populations lifestyle.

The National Digital Recipe is a fact for Uruguay, there was a meeting held between all service providers and people responsible for health units to incorporate improvements that optimize its use and continue informing the recommendations within this new tool in Digital Health.

The day covered a series of activities that allowed the use of the platform with hypothetical cases for medical intervention. All people present connected and surfed the interface getting to know all the available options for an adequate implementation of the application.

The project is designed to have the history of drugs with updated and timely information to improve their availability (from any authorized pharmacy) and provide security in any procedure that the patients request through their Electronical Medical History.

This procedure to control prescriptions for disease treatment is inclined for the main goal of the Ministry of Health that lead to “favor the lifestyle, healthy environments and reducing risk factors.”
Effective monitoring of prescriptions will lead to an improved practice in subjects such as handwritten legibility, authorization and complexity with the purpose to decrease the mistakes that the written form usually carry; in addition this will help inventory control for those drugs that require medical prescription and favor the correct use of information to project through analytical methods drugs demand per health unit, regional and at a national level.
It is expected that Digital Recipe reaches, first the local health units and later on expand to all the Uruguayan hospitals with the purpose of “contributing to improve the quality of care throughout the country; creating tools, instruments and platforms that generate adequate context to allow electronic prescription and dispensing of medications nationally.”
All the beneficiaries of the National Health Integration System (NHIS) along with institutional communitarian and rural pharmacies will be dispensed.

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