IMSS advances in digital agenda: progressive adoption of app to schedule appointments

The Mexican Social Security Institute begins its process towards the technological vanguard through its IMSS Digital portal that will offer an improvement in customer service and higher quality in its health services.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) already has its own digital platform to make it easier for users to enter all the health systems it offers without the need to wait so long.

IMSS Digital is the mobile application that allows you to:

1.- Schedule a medical appointment up to one month in advance.

2.- Check validity.

3.- Reschedule queries at the most convenient time.

4.- Avoid waiting rows.

5.- Locate clinics.

IMSS Digital can be accessed through an app available for download on mobile devices, or through direct login on the website.

The aim of both is to evolve the health service and adapt it to the new digital services offering through a model that includes new technologies and the use of the Internet of Things through the various digital platforms.

This proposal that IMSS makes available through its IT Department provides the most suitable tools for the rightholder to enjoy a better service and avoid non-conformities.

An example of the progress and progress of the use of this strategy is in Puebla, where 19% of the consultations of Cholula clinic 12 are already exercised through this application.

This is because patients can request their medical consultation and process other services from the comfort of their home, office, or wherever they are. "It's a saving in time and in cumbersome processes," said Jefté de Jesús Espinoza Vera, Computer Science Coordinator at the State Delegation.

In order to access the app, you only need to enter: CURP, Social Security Number, and email.

The biggest retro that the Institution is presenting is the low number of users that there are at the moment. Of the 2 million registered in the system, only 10% make use of the application.

It is important to inform the population to promote and motivate the use of digital platforms and thus achieve greater benefits in the sector in favor of users.

The app can be downloaded from any smartphone at:

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