Carlos Slim Foundation presents the 'Digital Health' seminar at the National Institute of Public Health

At Digital Health seminar, where it was discussed the relevance of this new paradigm for the transformation of people-centered health systems.

Dr. Roberto Tapia-Conyer, General Director of the Carlos Slim Foundation, mentioned that Digital Health is the convergence of four tendencies enhanced by Artificial Intelligence: Digital Platforms, Cloud Operation, Internet of Things and Connected Communities.

He explained the vision of the Foundation about the importance of Digital Health in the definition and implementation of public policies, as well as the role of research in this process.

"Digital Health, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, allows the establish personalized public health interventions and increase the efficiency of health systems."

On the other hand, he pointed out that Digital Health catalyzes personalized public health, based on a 6Ps methodology:

  1. Proactive, looking for the person wherever they are
  2. Personalized, from the construction of a risk profile
  3. Preventive, with the design of an intervention that prevents or delays the beginning of a disease
  4. Predictive, using the ‘omics’ diagnostic methods and artificial intelligence for the design of algorithms that predict health outcomes
  5. Participatory, to motivate the active commitment of a person in their health care
  6. Permanent, through continuity of attention

During his participation, Dr. Miguel Betancourt Cravioto, director of Global Solutions of the Foundation, explained how the Platform of the Electronic Vaccination Card (CEV) helps improve the management of vaccination programs from the health unit to the national level, and allows monitoring the vaccination schedules of each person.

"With the analytical tools of the Electronic Vaccination Card, it is possible to measure the vaccination coverage and timing of these actions, and also develop predictive models to optimize the actions of the Vaccination program," said Dr. Betancourt.

Also, Dr. Héctor Gallardo, director of Operational Solutions of the Foundation, spoke of the MIDO Digital Platform, which has algorithms that automatically classify a person's health status, and thereby provide personalized recommendations.


Finally, Dr. Alejandra Montoya, pointed out that the use of digital platforms allows the design of personalized interventions, depending on their state of health, their personal and social context. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data models applied to health are the basis for this new paradigm of Digital Health.

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