FDA authorizes the first smartwatch that measures blood pressure

With the new technologies that mobile devices use, you can measure and monitor possible risks - such as heart attacks - with the push of a button from the comfort of home.

Smartwatches have been accepted in good form by people to obtain compact or detailed information of any activity they carry out.

In this context, the United States Medicines Agency (FDA for its acronym in English), developed a smart watch with software that allows to measure the person's blood pressure without the need to use a sphygmomanometer.

The mechanism is simple: the mobile device adjusts to the wrist by means of a strap and immediately engages to analyze oxygenation, heart rate and pressure.

Easy to move, this portable tool allows you to properly track the vital signs of the person after each activity you do and when you are at rest, so as not to lose detail of your state of health.

With this type of digital platforms it is hoped to empower the patient so that he can know his health status at all times and make decisions that increase his well-being by feeling safe by constantly monitoring his blood flow.

The measurements that the smart watch makes, generates them through several LED light sources that emit wavelengths in the tissue, while an algorithm analyzes the reflected light that returns.

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