University of Oslo launches software that speeds up Coronavirus diagnostic process

This data package offers the possibility of enroll and track confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19.

The District Health Information Software (HISP), at University of Oslo (UiO), is currently actively working to provide open source technological solutions in order to fight against COVID-19 spread.

DHIS2 (District Health Information Software 2), open source web platform for the management of health information used in more than 60 countries, launched the COVID-19 Surveillance Tracker Package.

 This digital data package offers the possibility of enroll and track confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19 and also have the tools provide a quick analysis.

The platform has been working together with WHO, to develop information system standards for disease surveillance.

That digital package includes metadata aligned with the WHO’s interim guidance on global surveillance for human infection with COVID-19 published on February 27.

What can the DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Tracker Package be used for? They explain their details on their website:

The package supports surveillance workflows and automated analysis for three key components of routine and active surveillance:

  • Case-based surveillance tracking: enrolls & tracks suspected cases; captures symptoms, demographics, risk factors & exposures; creates lab requests; links confirmed cases with contacts; and monitors patient outcomes. This package can be installed as a standalone COVID-19 package or can be integrated into a country’s existing integrated disease surveillance & response tracker.
  • Contact-tracing program: strengthens active case detection through contact tracing activities, such as identification and follow-up of contacts of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.
  • Ports of Entry tracker: enrolls travelers who have visited high-risk locations at Ports of Entry for 14-day monitoring and follow-up.

Digital data packages are optimized for Android app DHIS2 Capture , available on Google Play (


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