University of Caldas in Colombia presented the report results on its Telehealth strategy

The development and implementation of measures against COVID-19 through virtual education services for health professionals, free telemedicine care and the development of health software, were presented as a positive experience at the University of Caldas during a virtual session.

Telesalud, the digital health department of the University of Caldas and the Faculty of Health Sciences, presented positive results on the experience in the application of several strategies in the face of the health emergency.

The Government of Caldas and the Territorial Health Directorate of Caldas, developed an agreement with the University of Caldas, given the rise in COVID-19 infections in March and April, which has benefited the people of the department.

Esteban Granada, Director of Telesalud, recognized the commitment of Telesalud collaborators, who have managed to offer timely services to the population, being rated positively. According to Granada, 87% of the patients considered the service provided as excellent and 13% as good. 

In addition to actions in telemedicine and mobile health. Telesalud has implemented a virtual education strategy, which has benefited more than 2,500 professionals who have been trained. In addition, it has developed software for data unification. “At a time as difficult as the one we are living, Telehealth is a hopeful experience, since they have taken advantage of a difficulty to do something positive for the benefit of the population,” said Dr. Carlos Alberto Montoya, during the session.

Granada recognized the work of Telehealth in Colombia, which for more than 19 years has benefited students, teachers and the general population not only in Caldas but also in Manizales. On the other hand, Montoya recognized the work of Telesalud, in its virtual education process, “I have participated from the mother-child approach and in recent years Telehealth has trained more than 10.000 people in defense of children under 5 years old, which has had a very big impact.”

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